honorary #shrinehoppers


Dude kept getting lost, so we made sure he bought this for safe travel.

While Koji’s friend Ron was visiting Tokyo for a week, he became an honorary, short term #shrinehopper with us. Starting at Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, he collected signatures in his shrine book in the little time while he was here – and used our #shrinehoppers hash tag to post his shrine pictures on Twitter!

Check out his photos from Hanazono Shrine in Shinjuku, and Sensoji Temple in Asakusa!

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亀戸天神 Kameido Shrine

We had a snow day at work today, so I was out by two o’clock. Usually by the time I get out, shrines have closed up shop for the day, so I took advantage of the rare time off – and even rarer snow in Tokyo. We aren’t looking at a piddling few inches, either; I’ve got at least five inches on my balcony. I’m looking at it from the comfort and warmth of my futon, but I’ll get to that part later.

After leaving work, I couldn’t decide where to go. I tried to find a shrine near Kinshicho Station, but the one I went out looking for was mysteriously missing. Maybe it’s one of those shrines that are rumored to exist on the roofs of buildings? I don’t even know for sure that those exist. Has anyone else heard of them?

Eventually, I made my way through the slush and freezing rain to Kameido Shrine. In the springtime, it’s covered in beautiful wisteria blossoms. Today, it was covered in snow.

Kameido Shrine 1/14

The snow was falling so heavily that it was impossible to see very far. There is a shrine hiding back there, I promise! I just didn’t get a picture, because after all that, my camera (phone) was dying by the time I made it there.


I did manage to get a few more pictures while I was there, despite a dying camera battery and freezing fingers.

Kameido Shrine 1/14

Kameido Shrine 1/14 Kameido Shrine 1/14

Although the trek back to the station was miserable, I was so cold and wet, today’s trip was definitely worth it. I’ve lived in Tokyo for almost a year and a half(!), and this is only the second time I’ve seen snow. I’m grateful for the opportunity to see the shrines like this. I think it’s even more beautiful for it’s rarity.

I’m also grateful to be back at home, all bundled up and warm. I’m spending my evening thawing and watching Kamisama Kiss. Hopefully I’ll have a post about that soon.

PS. I love two things: shrines and cupcakes. I’ve got the shrines covered, but check out Love Hate Bake for all of your cupcake needs!