exciting news at #shrinehoppers headquarters

“So what ever happened to “梅まつり Plum Blossom Festival (2)?” you might ask.

Well, let me show you. This happened:
Yasukuni Shrine

I didn’t alter this picture (of Yasukuni Shrine’s massive torii gate) in Photoshop or anything. The sky, cross my heart and hope to die, was that weird yellowy brownish grey color, and breathing in that air kinda hurt. It stung my eyes.

So even though Anna and I intended to go see more plum blossoms, we only made it to two of the four shrines we wanted to see that day. Iidabashi was deserted, and Kudanshita was no better. Walking through any part of Tokyo, especially in a central area so close to Tokyo Station itself, and seeing almost no one was creepy.

It was a little too Acid Tokyo for us, so we went home.

The only other shrine we saw that day was the lovely Tokyo Daijingu.

Tokyo Daijingu


I’ll get back to that area sometimes for more pictures, more shrines, and a more detailed post, because today, there is exciting news at the #shrinehoppers headquarters:

We’re going to Kyoto!

I’ve got a train to catch this evening, and then for the next few days, it’ll be shrines, shrines everywhere! I’ve got to narrow down my choices, but first on the list is Fushimi Inari Taisha. I’m excited, because I’ve never been. Last time I was in Kyoto, I thought that shrines were terribly boring.



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